Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cruising across the northern Pacific

Busan, Korea Cathedral
What a delight for me to experience meeting two lovely ladies in black business suit attire that spoke English to take me by the hand and walk me through the cathedral in Busan, Korea.  This was not an average cathedral.  It was awesome.  The high ceilings were decorated with a chandelier.  The staircase was elegant with tastefully delicate designs, and lit candles on the walls.  The floors were shined with not a particle of dust in sight, and what appeared to be inlaid gold.  There was organ music softly playing, and the piano was gold with petite designs on the sides and the inside of the top that was open had a lovely painted pastoral scene.   

This is one of my favorite towel characters.  Every day you did not know what to expect from the stewards that cleaned your room, and made your bed. It was different every day, and so fun to see what they could do with those crisp, lovely white hand and bath towels. 
The monkey hanging from the hanger is made from one of my used bath towels which I thought was so cute and funny.  When the ship was going through some rough waters it started swinging to the rhythm of the waves.    
I really enjoyed walking around the dining rooms that would seat hundreds of people, and looking at the many plates with etchings of fish.   I asked one of the servers what kind of fish they were, and they would make up a story for me. 
Japan, Korea, and Russia I walked for miles in the cities, country and I never saw trash on the sidewalks, curbs, fields, or streets. 
The Holland America ship housed between 1500-2000 people. It had more stores for shopping than where I live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  I got lost every day, and one of the crew would escort me back to my room on floor three. 
One of my most precious memories that I will carry in my heart is the 70 piece orchestra with the children’s choir singing, and waving goodbye to us as we left the port at Nagasaki, Japan.
I am sure everyone does not smoke in Japan, but I noticed more people smoking that I have ever seen anywhere, and tobacco is cheap, cheap.
This was a first for me to see such huge icebergs with seals that would slide on and off of them, and the fins of whales nonchalantly surfacing in and out of sight. 
Would I like to go on a cruise again?  You must be kidding.  I would love to go on a cruise again. It was one of the best experiences of my life.  I met many new folks, gave away all the copies of the first book that I wrote COAL MINER’S GRANDDAUGHTER that I brought with me, and wish I had more. I was able to share with many how I came to know the Lord through the ministry of Mrs. Billy Sunday, wife of the renowned Evangelist Billy Sunday, who was speaking at a small church in St. Petersburg, Florida when I was a sophomore in High School. 
The library had a great selection of books, pamphlets in many subjects, up to date daily newspapers, and well cataloged with a qualified librarian. It was comfy to sit in a lounge chair looking out in the ocean with floor to ceiling windows.  There were activities than you could take part in but one of my favorite was the game Trivia with four to a group.  There were usually 20 to 25 groups. The group I was in won one time.  We were given a set of coasters. 
Many folks would swim in the indoor and outdoor pools, but for some reason and I love to swim I just did seem to have the time.  

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