Monday, May 21, 2012

Northwest Christian Writers Renewal

I just returned from the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal in Redmond, Washington.  It was called IMAGINE.  The keynote speaker was Marshal Younger. He was a most inspiring speaker.  He is not only a writer but also a director, producer, TV film and radio that include “Adventures in Odyssey”.  My son, Jacob, and I drove there in my Mercedes Benz that was totally “made new”. I had the wreck shipped from California to Post Falls, Idaho where a friend of ours made it like new.  It performed well.  I really enjoyed the conference, and it was a blessing to share it with my son, Jacob.  Out of all the things I learned some of the classes were on blogging (social media).  I should have listened to my son, Jacob, who has it on my calendar that pops up three times a week. 

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