Saturday, August 18, 2012

Joan Hust family and family secrets

This was a thrill for me to see on Facebook 8-18-2012. I thought they were my cousins for years.  Then when I was told they were my brothers and sisters I practically went into a coma.  Family secrets.  Their mother was my biological mother who for years I thought she was my Aunt Catherine (Dean) Lundgren.  She was a wonderful Aunt, and they were great cousins.  I am not sure if we all needed to know that I was the first born child of their mother, and Leonard was next. My dad talked about our biological dad.  My dad was her Uncle Bob who was the brother of Watt Dean who was her dad.  Her mother was Rose (first wife of Watt) and she visited me with her new husband Tucker when I was still living with my parents Bob and Virginia Segred (sometimes spelled with the letter ‘I”) Lundgren  Dean in St. Petersburg, Florida who all of us thought were my biological parents.  Aunt Catherine met her husband, Helmer, and brother of Virginia and dad of Marlene, Diane, and Roger when he came to visit his sister (my mom) in Cleveland who was living with my folks.  He accepted Leonard and me when he married Aunt Catherine. He loved us from day one.  Leonard went with him and I stayed with Bob and Virginia who I have always known as my parents till the family secret was made known to all of us.  Aunt Catherine came down to her Uncle Bob’s funeral, my dad) and that is when she told me everything.  We decided together to keep it a secret as long as my mother was living.  We all know the story now but I don’t think that it benefited us to know the family secret. Take another look at this photo.  Don’t they look great?

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