Wednesday, March 6, 2013

CANADA • Joan Hust

I have always liked Canada.  I first started visiting Canada when I was a young child with my parents.  We lived mostly in Dearborn, Detroit, and Cleveland then and it was easy to cross the border and travel around Canada in our one seat Chevrolet or Ford.  My dad traded in his car every year as you could do that than for only one hundred dollars I was told by my mother.  So we always had a new or practically new car.  I knew we were in Canada when I saw the big red leaf. My mother would always say that we were now entering the world’s second largest country.  When she said that my dad and I would automatically holler WHOOOPY.  My very favorite place to go was Niagara Falls.  We would stay all day till it got dark just so we could see the colorful lights get turned on and it was such an unbelievable beautiful sight with every ray imaginable of color.
Going to Mackinac Island
My last trip to Canada was to visit Miriam and Dennis Brubacher.  We met the Brubacher’s in Chingola, Zambia as they were Brethren missionaries on their way to Sakeji to teach at the Brethren School where Jacob was most fortunate to have Dennis as a teacher in 6th grade. Jacob came home (12 hour drive mostly not paved) between semesters and was so excited as he said that every day he learned something new in his class. He loved the food at Sakeji and could not say enough about what a good cook Miriam was at the school. Miriam’s mother met us at the airport and when we tumbled into their car she gave each one of us a shiny red apple.  First apple we had seen in three years. 
I was in awe when I saw the huge 220 foot long pool that Esther Williams was daily swimming in at the Grand Hotel.  She was really friendly, and when she smiled at me I was so happy not realizing that there were many folks behind me and her smile was not just for me.  What I could not get over was that there were no cars on the island. The Grand Hotel gave everyone that walked around snow cones for free.  My favorite thing to see beside the swimming pool is what they called the Arch Rock.  It was huge and it had a big opening that you could walk through.

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