Friday, February 1, 2013

Cyprus • Joan Hust

I really fell in love with Cyprus, and Helen was a precious friend.  I was there staying in the home of Demos and Helen Voyias.  I spoke at her ladies meeting, and a group of people from her church there in Nicosia, the capital city.  I met them in Chingola where Demos had a business with his brother.  It was a charming city and the people are very friendly.  The stunning architecture is Turkish.  The Venetian Column is in the square of the city.  We walked all along the city walls.  The Turkish soldiers with their guns were pointed at us but we did not feel it was a threat so we kept on walking all over the place.  When we arrived home Demos said we were not safe and gave us a lecture.

 Their history is unbelievable as it goes so far back.  The children know their history, and wear their uniforms with pride to school.  Their beaches are very inviting as they are meticulous. 

After church on Sunday they roasted a lamb which was delicious.  While it was being roasted Helen's brother drove me up and around to the top of the mountains and the views were breaths taking.  We were able to go inside one of the old churches which were quite precious to me.  The beaches are powder soft white, sandy shores and clear what I call see through sparkling, shallow turquoise water. I washed my hands in it and splashed the water on my face.   

On one of our excursions I saw quite a few tombs cut into the rocks. The food was great. Fresh salad and plain yogurt is served with most meals, which is vegetables cooked in many ways and includes what is known by both communities as yahni which is with olive oil, tomatoes and onions. When we went out one late afternoon we had meze. It is a very large assortment of small dishes starting with lots of dips and salads and ending with a choice of grilled meat or fish. I had fish.

Now besides photos, writings from my daily diary I did buy some gold bracelets.  Their jewelry is delicate and feminine which I still enjoy wearing on special occasions. When I arrived back home to Zambia I did not have my credit card. I left it on the counter in the store.  The owner saw it and gave it to someone that was returning to Zambia, and they returned it to me.  I am blessed.

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter what the country or language the fellowship you have with fellow believers we are all one in the family of God. 

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