Sunday, February 10, 2013

Zambia • Joan Hust Missions

Find Chingola where I lived with my family for nine years and I’ll bring you back an ngwee.  It is a landlocked country in Southern Africa.
 I will fly to Lusaka, the capital city.  Dr. Kenneth Kaunda was the president when I was living there.  I have asked a friend of mine, Dr. Nevers Mumba, who was in my Sunday school class when he was ten yrs. old, and now is the multiparty Democracy president to arrange a meeting for me with Dr. Kaunda.
 The official language is English, but the local language is Nyanja and Bemba.
I taught at the Sacred Heart Convent School, Nchanga Trust School and TCCA, Theological College of Central Africa.  We would sing the national anthem, Stand and Sing of Zambia, Proud and Free, with great enthusiasm.  I especially loved the chorus that was sung after the third verse:
Praise be to God, Praise be, praise be, praise be,
Bless our great nation, Zambia, Zambia, Zambia
Free men we stand Under the flag of our land.
Zambia, praise to Thee!  All one, strong and free.

I was sitting at my desk at home when Zambia this year won the first Africa Cup of Nations title in soccer.  I wish I could have been there to celebrate with them.  I only lived with my family in Zambia nine years. It definitely changed my life.

I was very involved with the children of Zambia and the children of the expatriates mostly from Europe, Britain, Australia, Sweden, and India. We were there on a two year contract but it turned out that we stayed nine years.  It is difficult for the wives of the men as they go to work all day and the wives have nothing to do.  It takes time to get acquainted, but I was active in the local church teaching, working with the youth, leading safaris, director and producer of a weekly TV program and the list could go on and on.  I loved working with the local children, the children from the many countries, and they went on the safaris, were in the Sunday school and youth group at St. Mark’s, and joined me on the live weekly TV programs.

I have met several Zambians that are here going to college, and working in the local church.  What a blessing and fun to get together with them as we know the same folks back in Zambia.  It is a small world.  This year my son called me and asked me to come home right away.  I reminded him and he knew it that I was in a very important meeting, but he insisted I come home right away so I did.  Lo and behold a Zambian gentleman was sitting at my kitchen table with a smile from ear to ear, and it was Dr. Charles Musonda from Mufulira, Zambia that was in my youth group in Chingola.  He has opened a House of Prayer here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. 
I cherish your prayers, and thank you for helping me to go on my next mission trip to Zambia this summer.  My desire is to make Him known to those who do not know Him, and to encourage the ones that know Him to be a blessing to everyone.

Make Me a Blessing    Ira B. Wilson    1924
Make me a blessing, Make me a blessing-
Out of my life May Jesus shine;
Make me a blessing, O Savior, I pray,
Make me a blessing to someone today.

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