Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ethiopia with Rhonda

I was the guest of Rhonda Fleming from TMI in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It was a tremendous trip. We were in Addis Ababa and Rhonda had arranged for us to have David as a driver that met us at the airport and took us everywhere.

I was very impressed with the work of Compassion and World Vision in the country. I met Mark Seward there and he and his wife, Sidney who live in my neighborhood in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

We were able to visit a mission where they take in young boys off the street and provide them a place to live, and give them the opportunity of getting an education along with the teachings of the Bible.  We passed out oranges and bananas to all of them.  Rhonda took individual photos of the boys, was able to have them developed and gave each boy their photo.

We visited educational facilities, churches in homes, observed consecrated elderly men that made their own ink and pens and were copying pages of the Bible every day of their entire life.

We were taken by boat across the lake with no oars, and a 20 yr. old Honda 15cc motor to view parchments, scrolls, sacred writings, and a monastery that is reached by walking up a very steep and winding path. It was over a hundred years old that had remains of several Emperors, their robes, jewels, and sacred writings. They had to turn on lights, and open locked doors with guards.

Our last visit was to the Soddo Christian Hospital which is south of Addis Ababa in a beautiful mountainous region.  There we met up with Dr. Duane Anderson from Coeur d’Alene who worked at the Kootenai Medical Center where I was the medical librarian.  He is the owner, director and field director of the Soddo Christian Hospital and the Pan Academy of Christian Surgeons Training program Director.

It is amazing how HE brings all these opportunities to share His love with believers all over the world.  . 

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