Monday, February 4, 2013

Mission trip to Ghana • Joan Hust

Ghana is a country in West Africa.  I was so excited to go there.  I have been twice.  Once with a team from our church and the second time by myself.  I was overjoyed both times as I love the country and the folks in the churches. 

I was given the privilege of sharing my personal testimony in the villages with the team. What I remember most is that they are the largest cocoa producers in the world, and I love a cup of hot cocoa. They also told me that Lake Volta is the largest artificial lake in the world and I was able to walk along the shore in my bare feet that felt as good as the water was cool and comfortable compared to the 90 degrees plus temperature.  

I felt right at home with these loving folks.  I did not know them and they did not know me, but we were one in the Lord. 

Praise HIM for the joy of sharing His Son, Jesus, everywhere I go !

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